Yoga and Meditation, same thing?

Yoga and meditation are ancient arts that have been popular for centuries. Though yoga is more physical and meditation is psychological, they both promote a general wholeness of the body and soul. Even with the modern day gyms and work-out machines, no combination of exercises is as comprehensive in terms of full body workout as yoga and meditation.Often we say we are doing yoga or meditation without really knowing the difference between the two.

3-Minute Meditations!

Welcome to 3-Minute Meditations!   Being an expert in this area, the author created this Meditation program this is for all people who wants to meet goals in this location. This program introduces a trendy unique form of meditation method that works to energize your efforts and accurate any problems which could prevent the satisfactory outcome.The route covers one-of-a-kind recommendation and grade by grade instructions supplied through distinctive media types that you would comply with to put the device to use.

Shaolin Qigong For Happiness

Just imagine the wonderful changes you can make when you stop holding yourself back. Get more done each day towards building the life of your dreams – without sacrificing time with friends, family, and loved ones? Wake up your body’s NATURAL healing power – without having to learn for decades from some ‘Guru’ or ‘Master’.